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    As the new Tate Modern building moves closer towards completion, its director Chris Dercon gives his view of the expanded role of tomorrow’s...

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    Achim Borchardt-Hume

    The UK's largest ever survey of American sculptor and poet Richard Tuttle is on display in London at Tate Modern and the Whitechapel Gallery. ...

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    Sam Thorne, Artistic Director of Tate St Ives, asks co-curators Sara Matson and Rachel Smith of International Exchanges - an ...

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    Simon Grant

    How do artists approach the challenge of curation? As well as showing some of his recent large, highly coloured sculptures of everyday objects in...

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    Simon Payne, Andrew Vallance

    Independent curators Simon Payne and Andrew Vallance investigate the recent rise of film and video art in Britain, and how it's charted in...

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    Francesco Manacorda

    Can art really be for everyone? Artistic director and curator of Art Turning Left at Tate Liverpool, Francesco Manacorda invites you to...

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    Hari Kunzru

    When Jacques-Louis David allowed his famous painting The Death of Marat 1793–4 to be used in support of the Republican cause in France, he...

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    Stuart Comer, Simon Grant, Kathy Noble, Emily Pringle, Catherine Wood

    The first season of performance, choreography and film programmes in the new Tanks at Tate Modern has grown out of the gallery’s renowned...

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    Arthur Lubow

    The work of the British-born German artist Tino Sehgal exists solely as a set of choreographed gestures and spoken instructions acted out by...

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    Helen Little

    Picasso’s Guernica went on display in a Manchester car showroom in early 1939, in support of the Spanish Republican cause. Despite its importance,...

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    Thomas Phongsathorn, Simon Grant, Matthew Bowman, Alison Dunhill, Charles Danby

    Thomas Phongsathorn reviews Franz West To Build a House You Start with the Roof: Work 1972–2008 published by The MIT Press Sex, humour,...

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    Francesco Bonami

    From Gabriel Orozco's exhibition of yoghurt pot lids to Rirkrit Tiravanija's transformation of a gallery into a kitchen to serve visitors food,...

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    Iria Candela

    Joan Miró’s first visits to Paris in the early 1920s affected his work so much that today art historians often overlook the influence of his other...

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    Simon Grant

    La Carte D'Après Nature, curated by Thomas Demand, New National Museum of Monaco, Villa Paloma, Monaco until 22 February 2011.

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    Anna Dezeuze

    Marcel Duchamp's phial of Paris air, Yves Klein's The Void exhibition, Martin Creed's Work No.227: The lights going on and off, Gabriel Orozco's...

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    Niklas Maak, Charlotte Klonk, Thomas Demand

    In an age when installations, art environments, ‘scatter art’ and large-scale mixed media works are the norm, the traditional confines of the...

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    Francesco Bonami

    Since it was shown at the Venice Biennale in 1993, Gabriel Orozco’s Empty Shoe Box has become one of most cited examples of controversial works of...

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    Simon Grant

    Simon Grant, editor of Tate Etc. visits the inauguration of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha

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    The Board of the Biennale di Venezia, chaired by Paolo Baratta, today appointed Bice Curiger as Director of the Visual Arts Sector, with specific...

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    Michael Diers

    Trompe l'œil celebrated as the art of illusion in antiquity.

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