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    Eleanor Clayton

    To coincide with her forthcoming exhibition at Tate Liverpool – her first solo show in a British institution – Eleanor Clayton pays a visit to the...

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    Juliet Bingham

    An important figure in the Parisian avant-garde, Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979) brought extraordinary inventiveness to a range of works, which...

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    Jeff McMillan

    Old shop signs, ships’ figureheads, spirit vessels, naïve paintings, needlework samplers… what is folk art? Steeped in tradition, and often created...

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    Sook-Kyung Lee

    Tate Etc. looks at a recent acquisition, currently on view at Tate Modern

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    Margaret Harrison

    The pioneering feminist artist talks to Tate Etc.'s Mariko Finch about her 1977 piece Homeworkers, a politically potent work exploring the plight...

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    Jennifer Mundy

    The Gallery of Lost Art is an immersive, online exhibition that tells the fascinating stories of artworks that have disappeared. Each week, a new...

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    Tabitha Barber

    For the last few months Tate Britain has been privileged to have on display a magnificent seventeenth-century font cover by the famous wood carver...

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    Henrietta Garnett

    Henrietta Garnett, a regular visitor to the Tate archive, recognises two painted calendars done by her grandmother Vanessa Bell.

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    Simon Grant

    At the Belvedere, Vienna, until 18 January 2009

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    Paul Simmons

    On a visit to the Tate archive, Paul Simmons discovers a book from 1928 that points the way for a current decorative revival.

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    Now in its 20th year, the Turner Prize will be broadcast by Channel 4 live from Tate Britain on 7 December. Justin Westover photographed the...