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    Tracey Emin, Simon Grant

    One of Tracey Emin’s best known and most controversial works, My Bed, first made in 1998 and once in private hands, is now on long loan to Tate and...

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    James Attlee

    Ninety per cent of the world’s oceans remain unexplored, fuelling our fascination for and fear of the sea for centuries, even as we have discovered...

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    Alain de Botton

    We often have high expectations when we visit a museum of having great experiences with the art we see, but are we approaching it in the wrong way?...

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    David Hare

    In this touching personal account, the esteemed playwright David Hare remembers the life and times of his friend Patrick Caulfield

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    Jean-François Chevrier

    Stories of hallucinations in art and literature date back to the Bible, but the idea of the artistic hallucination is more recent. As the author of...

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    Adam Nicolson

    In 1635 van Dyck painted his largest and most ambitious work, Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke, and his Family. Behind the shimmering grandeur...

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    Francis Wells, Alexa de Ferranti, Desmond Morris, Dan Hays, Jim Drain

    Francis Wells on Luke Fildes's The Doctor 1891, Alexa de Ferranti on William Hogarth's The Painter and his Pug 1745, Desmond Morris on Francis...

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    Tracey Emin

    Some people say there are similarities between Frida Kahlo's work and mine. I think it has less to do with subject matter and more about...

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    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch, Callum Innes

    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch and Callum Innes reflect on a work in the Tate collection

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    Virginia Ironside, David Fraser Jenkins

    From their relationship with a ‘revolting personage’ of a father, to strings of obsessive affairs, Virginia Ironside explores the unfulfilled...

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    Ed Ruscha, Robert Frank, Lou Reed, Liz Jobey, Mary Ellen Mark, Mark Haworth-Booth

    Robert Frank is one of the world’s most influential photographers. For more than fifty years, he has broken the rules of photography and filmmaking...

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    Paul Barlow

    Paul Barlow looks at George Frederic Watts’s Hope

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    Alain de Botton

    Edward Hopper belongs to a particular category of artist whose work appears sad but does not make us sad…perhaps because they allow us as viewers...

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    Melanie McGrath

    Few artists are subjected to fierce public scrutiny in the British tabloids like Tracey Emin. But is she a great artist? Melanie McGrath meets the...