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    Who are they? Guerrilla Girls are an all female collective who remain anonymous by wearing gorilla masks and naming themselves after famous dead...

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    Tracey Emin, Simon Grant

    One of Tracey Emin’s best known and most controversial works, My Bed, first made in 1998 and once in private hands, is now on long loan to Tate and...

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    Sterling Ruby

    In celebration of the reopening of Tate Britain, Tate Etc. invited a selection of artists from around the world to choose a favoured work from a...

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    Margaret Harrison

    The pioneering feminist artist talks to Tate Etc.'s Mariko Finch about her 1977 piece Homeworkers, a politically potent work exploring the plight...

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    Simon Grant1

    Eva Hesse (1936–1970) was born into a Jewish family in Hamburg. Aged only two, she and her five year old sister Helen were sent by their...

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    Jonathan Griffin

    The notion of the grotesque in art has been around for centuries, but it is currently being re-imagined, often with humour and a sense of the...

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    Sally O'Reilly

    The Underground chambers of the old power station at Bankside, where oil once lurked with electric potential, will soon open to the public with a...

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    Gavin Delahunty

    The curator of the forthcoming exhibition by the German abstract painter introduces her work, and a fellow artist pays homage

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    Elaine Showalter

    Literary critic and feminist, Elaine Showalter explores the life and work of artist Louise Bourgeois.

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    Brigid Peppin

    The short-lived Vorticist movement was often seen as a predominantly masculine, muscular affair, but as one of the descendents of the group of...

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    Mario Vargas Llosa

    During the research for his novel The Way to Paradise, which interweaves the life of Gauguin with that of his half-Peruvian grandmother Flora...

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    Yuko Hasegawa

    The author visits Fuyuko Matsui in her Tokyo studio

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    James Beechey

    Modern Painters: Sickert's famous dictum heralded a move towards a gritty realism in British painting

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    Nancy Spero, Helmut Lang

    Two artists who know Louise Bourgeois talk about how she has played a part in their lives.

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    Kate Davis

    Kate Davis reflects on Eileen Agar's Angel of Anarchy 1936–40

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    Deborah Jowitt

    The American artist David Smith was best known for his large muscular sculptures –  the product of heavy welding and much sweat....

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    Ali Smith

    Two drawings by the underrated artist Leonora Carrington, purchased by Tate, go on display at Tate Modern for the first time.

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    A.C. Grayling

    Since her ironic Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab (1992), which delighted and enraged gallery goers in equal measure, Sarah Lucas has explored sexual...

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    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch, Callum Innes

    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch and Callum Innes reflect on a work in the Tate collection

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    Gilda Williams

    What are you looking at? Gilda Williams casts an eye over the photographic works of four female artists: Vanessa Beecroft, Nikki S. Lee, Catherine...

Showing 1-20 of 21 results