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    See in the new year right and discover ways to a new you with a little inspiration from art in our collection

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    Felicity Coleman

    In order to ask how has practice as research left imprints in disciplinary boundaries, I have turned the question into a six-point manifesto for...

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    Art is as important a subject as reading, writing or arithmetic, Tate director Nicholas Serota said today. The recently announced proposals for an...

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    Sandra Sykorova

    For over six years now, our Adult Programmes team has worked with the award-winning poet Pascale Petit on a range of poetry writing public courses...

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    Sophie Howarth

    From the 1960s there has been a series of radical organisations aiming to revolutionise educational practice, including Joseph Beuys's Free...

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    Christopher Miles

    The American artist John Baldessari has influenced several generations of younger artists, and has, since the 1960s, consistently renegotiated his...

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    Hester Westley

    Hester Westley delves into the archives of St Martin’s School of Art, and finds a project almost forgotten, a teaching experiment in 1969 where...

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    Kathy Halbreich, Max Hollein, Karsten Schubert

    As Tate Modern completes its first comprehensive rehang, we bring together three art professionals with an insider's view of the museum world.