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    Jean-François Chevrier

    Stories of hallucinations in art and literature date back to the Bible, but the idea of the artistic hallucination is more recent. As the author of...

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    Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

    One of the Japanese artist’s earliest memories was of the seed-harvesting field in the plant nursery owned by her family, and since then organic...

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    Brian Dillon

    Susan Hiller: In her mixed-media installations and video works, Susan Hiller's art journeys through the intangible landscapes of imagination,...

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    Nicholas Tromans

    The Victorian artist is best known for two things: murdering his father, and painting The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke while incarcerated in...

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    Christopher Turner

    Ever since Leonardo da Vinci urged artists to search for inspiration in the dirt on walls or the streaked patterns in stones, they have found that...

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    Christopher Turner

    In his book The Elements of Drawing (1857), John Ruskin encouraged artists to try to recover what he called the “innocence of the eye”, to...

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    Peter Campus, Douglas Gordon, David A. Ross

    Peter Campus was one of the first artists to explore the formal possibilities of film and video technology. Douglas Gordon, who admires Campus's...

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    Sophie Howarth

    From the 1960s there has been a series of radical organisations aiming to revolutionise educational practice, including Joseph Beuys's Free...

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    Cildo Meireles, Frederico Morais

    The Brazilian artist is regarded as one of the leading figures in the development of conceptual art. In works that mix the sensorial with the...

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    Herbert Lachmayer, Alfred Weidinger

    To coincide with Tate Liverpool’s exhibition Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900, we bring together a cultural historian...

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    Brian Dillon

    ‘Erasure is merely a matter of making things disappear: there is always some detritus strewn about in the aftermath…some reminder of the violence...

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    James Hall

    English visual art contains a wealth of bondage imagery, particularly from Aubrey Beardsley, the master of the whiplash line. James Hall, explores...

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    Patrick McGrath, Louise Welsh

    The gothic has remained one of the most universal genres, which has attracted writers, filmmakers, musicians and artists across the centuries

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    Christopher Turner

    Christopher Turner explores how the study of colour by artists, writers and scientists has influenced our sense of the world.

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    Brian Dillon

    From the suffragette who took a cleaver to Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus in the National Gallery in 1914 to the outraged citizen of Milan who fell from...

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    Mike Kelley, Jeffrey Sconce

    Following Mike Kelley’s exhibition The Uncanny at Tate Liverpool, the artist and Jeffrey Sconce talk about Freud, the power of hidden memory and...

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    Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Just before his death last year at the age of 91, the artist, architect and progressive thinker Roberto Matta gave Tate's contributing editor Hans...

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    Liz Jobey

    The ringing of tills has stimulated artists as much as it has mesmerised shoppers over the past century. Tate Liverpool's huge new exhibition looks...