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    Get to know this socially engaged artist 

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    Catherine Lampert

    Frank Auerbach (b1931) is well known for his intensely worked paintings of people and London scenes, which are often repeated and can take months,...

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    Michael White

    Piet Mondrian is one of the best known of all modern artists - and also the most misunderstood. But we could all learn a thing or two from the real...

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    Lee Cheshire

    Richard Reed, one of the founders of Innocent Drinks, has a new project: to turn the UK into world's biggest art gallery. He tells us about his...

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    Lee Cheshire

    You might soon be seeing a Whistler down your road or a Constable in your city centre, thanks to a new project to bring iconic British artworks to...

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    Nicholas Serota

    Nicholas Serota explains how his early encounters with art helped him to see the potential of the primal spaces of the Tanks to recover the past...

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    Stuart Comer, Simon Grant, Kathy Noble, Emily Pringle, Catherine Wood

    The first season of performance, choreography and film programmes in the new Tanks at Tate Modern has grown out of the gallery’s renowned...

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    Peter Campus, Douglas Gordon, David A. Ross

    Peter Campus was one of the first artists to explore the formal possibilities of film and video technology. Douglas Gordon, who admires Campus's...

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    James Lingwood

    He was said to be one of the ‘most ingenious artists of his generation’ and someone who had ‘an infectious fascination for the world about him’,...

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    Vincent Pécoil

    When David Brewster invented the kaleidoscope in 1816 he created geometric imagery with light. The geometric art that followed played on the idea...

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    Richard MacCormac

    Richard MacCormac reflects on the relationship between sculpture and architecture in the light of a visit to Anthony Caro's retrospective at Tate...

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    Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Cedric Price said in 2003, ‘A twenty-first century museum will utilise calculated uncertainty and conscious incompleteness to produce a catalyst...

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    Claire Bishop

    What does the term ‘installation art’ mean? Does it apply to big dark rooms that you stumble into to watch videos? Or empty rooms in which the...

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    Anthony Caro, Norman Foster

    Sculptors and architects both work with form in space, albeit on different scales and using varying methods. Anthony Caro, known for taking...

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    Mark Godfrey

    Mark Godfrey on the shifting notions of time and space in recent film and video

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    Peter Pakesch

    Encounters: Peter Pakesch, director of the Kunsthaus Graz visits Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, and talks of the few museum spaces that can deal with...

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    Peter Gidal

    Filmmaker, writer and influential teacher Peter Gidal gives a personal overview of A Century of Artists' Film in Britain, showing at Tate Britain...

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    Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Just before his death last year at the age of 91, the artist, architect and progressive thinker Roberto Matta gave Tate's contributing editor Hans...

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    Anish Kapoor

    The artist Anish Kapoor discussed his new work for Tate Modern and other sculptural discoveries with the curator Heidi Reitmaier. Here are edited...