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    Toby Heys

    AUDINT member Toby Heys explores the background of Ellsworth Kelly’s minimal paintings – and the source of their coded messages

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    Hannah Kemp-Welch

    Susan Philipsz has created a sound work for Tate Britain using war-damaged musical instruments. Sombre and peaceful, the work provides a...

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    Anthony Downey

    For centuries artists have both responded to and reflected on political actions and events that shape society. Now they have risen to the challenge...

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    Broomberg and Chanarin

    Tate Etc.’s Mariko Finch spoke to a selection of artists whose work features in the Tate Modern exhibition Conflict, Time, Photography. Here,...

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    Kikuji Kawada

    Tate Etc.'s Mariko Finch spoke to a selection of artists whose work features in the Tate Modern exhibition Conflict, Time, Photography. Here,...

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    Chloe Dewe Mathews

    Tate Modern’s exhibition Conflict, Time, Photography, opens this week, coinciding with the centenary of the start of the First World War. It...

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    To mark Armistice Day 2014, we invite you to view a selection of photographs, of scenes touched by conflict and taken in the seconds, days,...

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    Susan Holtham, Fiontan Moran

    So, what is the big deal about Malevich’s Black Square? You may have heard about it having ‘mystical ways’ or swear you saw it referenced on...

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    Curator Achim Borchardt-Hume picks out some of the key works from Tate Modern’s retrospective of radical Russian artist Kazimir Malevich

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    Stephanie Straine

    As a new response to the First World War practice of dazzle painting is unveiled at Tate Liverpool, Assistant Curator Stephanie Straine finds links...

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    For his recent verse drama Pink Mist, Owen Sheers interviewed dozens of wounded soldiers who had returned from conflict, and learned of the...

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    The acclaimed poet Christopher Reid reflects on The Garden Enclosed 1924, currently on display at Tate Britain, which may have been influenced by...

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    Florian Illies

    The author of the celebrated book 1913: The Year Before the Storm chooses two works from the Tate collection that reflect the cultural contrasts...

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    Helen Little

    Picasso’s Guernica went on display in a Manchester car showroom in early 1939, in support of the Spanish Republican cause. Despite its importance,...

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    Edward Platt

    Royalist, revolutionary, pacifist, arms dealer, Communist, right-wing extremist, con man and traitor. Who was Gerald Hamilton (c.1888–1970)? He...

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    Jean-Christophe Ammann

    'A call reached me from somewhere across the fields (a call that disappeared almost imperceptibly, like a shooting star, so that in the end it...

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    Beatriu Meritxell

    In 1937, at the height of the Spanish Civil War, several Spanish artists were commissioned by the Republican Government to make a work for the...

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    Klaus Kertess, Jerry Brotton, Vidya Gastaldon, David Attenborough, Jennifer Higgie, Silke Otto-Knapp, Matsui Fuyuko, Deanna Petherbridge, David Musgrave

    Tate Britain is staging a grand survey of watercolour painting in Great Britain, from the early thirteenth century through to the first decade of...

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    William Jeffett

    While the work of Joan Miró (1893–1983) may be well known across the world, a forthcoming exhibition at Tate Modern that focuses on his political...

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    Michelle Cotton

    In her exploration of the Design Research Unit, one of the first British design consultants, Michelle Cotton unearths an unrealistic car...

Showing 1-20 of 44 results