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    Lily Bonesso

    To coincide with the Leonora Carrington exhibition currently on show at Tate Liverpool, we take a look at the artist’s two most enchanting and...

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    Cora Gilroy-Ware

    In the summer of 1784, Joshua Reynolds exhibited A Nymph and Cupid (Fig.1) at the Royal Academy’s annual exhibition. This work stood out because,...

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    Sook-Kyung Lee

    Tate Etc. looks at a recent acquisition, currently on view at Tate Modern

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    Philip Hoare

    Filmed in the waters where Herman Melville conceived Moby-Dick, Leviathan - screening at Tate Modern this week - captures the 'clash...

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    James Attlee

    Ninety per cent of the world’s oceans remain unexplored, fuelling our fascination for and fear of the sea for centuries, even as we have discovered...

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    Simon Grant

    An historic manuscript, two smashed up Range Rovers and William Morris throwing a giant yacht into the lagoon…This year's Venice Biennale is one of...

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    Laura McLean-Ferris

    The first commission for the East Tank is by the notable South Korean artist Sung Hwan Kim (born 1975), who combines video, music, sculpture, light...

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    Jean-François Chevrier

    Stories of hallucinations in art and literature date back to the Bible, but the idea of the artistic hallucination is more recent. As the author of...

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    Nicholas Tromans

    The Victorian artist is best known for two things: murdering his father, and painting The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke while incarcerated in...

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    Michael Bracewell

    Folklore, mythology, mysticism and the occult pervade the development of modernism and Surrealism in Britain, especially in relation to the nation...

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    Claire Daigle

    Coinciding with Cy Twombly’s 80th birthday, Tate Modern is staging the first retrospective of the American artist’s work for twenty years. Claire...

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    Marina Warner

    Maya Deren (1917–1961) is regarded as one of the first important American experimental filmmakers. To coincide with a series of film screenings at...

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    David Campany, Nigel Shafran, Homer Sykes, Martin Parr, Anna Pavord, Viktor Kolár, Kathryn Hughes, Brett Rogers, Tessa Codrington

    To coincide with Tate Britain's photographic survey of Britain's social history, Tate Etc. asked a selection of writers, curators and photographers...

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    Horst Bredekamp, Barbara Maria Stafford

    What is hyperrealism? Work which feels more real than reality? Or a way of ‘mastering God’s creations’ ? Horst Bredekamp and Barbara Maria...

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    Sigmar Polke

    Richard Dadd was not only extremely well educated, he was on his way to becoming a full-blooded representative of Victorian painting before killing...