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    Philip Hoare

    Filmed in the waters where Herman Melville conceived Moby-Dick, Leviathan - screening at Tate Modern this week - captures the 'clash...

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    James Attlee

    Ninety per cent of the world’s oceans remain unexplored, fuelling our fascination for and fear of the sea for centuries, even as we have discovered...

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    Jeremy Lewison, the curator of Tate Liverpool's new show, Turner Monet Twombly, explores the three artists' affinities to each other

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    Martin Clark

    The artistic director of Tate St Ives visited one of America’s most respected artists working today, in his New York studio, where Alex Katz talked...

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    Beat Wyss

    The image of a monk standing by an empty sea soon became an icon of German Romanticism. However, in the twentieth century the 'Caspar David...

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    Peter Campus

    Peter Campus talks to Tate Etc. about his recent work

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    Nick Rosen, Peter Newman, Peter Peri, Tom Hodgkinson

    Nick Rosen on George Morland's The Door of a Village Inn late eighteenth century Most Brits like their countryside to be of the chocolate box...

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    Simon Grant, Vija Celmins

    Vija Celmins was born in Latvia in 1938, fled with her family to Germany in advance of the Soviet army in 1944 and emigrated to the USA in 1948....

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    T.J. Demos

    The ability to play with time, stretching and quickening it is a distinctively modern phenomenon, since the advent of photography in the twentieth...

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    Richard Shelton, Dai Qing, Mike Hulme, Paulo Barreto

    Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world. Rising ocean temperatures and increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are...

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    Katharina Fritsch

    During a visit to Tate Britain, Katharina Fritsch finds herself ‘sucked into’ the allure and eccentric character of J.M.W. Turner’s War. The Exile...

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    Michael Bird, Anthony Frost, Andrew Lanyon, Rose Hilton

    For a few extraordinary years in the post-war era, the small town of St Ives was an art centre of international significance. While it was often...

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    Francis Wells, Alexa de Ferranti, Desmond Morris, Dan Hays, Jim Drain

    Francis Wells on Luke Fildes's The Doctor 1891, Alexa de Ferranti on William Hogarth's The Painter and his Pug 1745, Desmond Morris on Francis...

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    Janet Webb

    Tate Liverpool Member Janet Webb finds help as well as inspiration for her own work in Vanessa Bell's painting Studland Beach