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    We explore why, after decades of restrictive clothing designed to create a uniform female shape, Victorian style was finally challenged 

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    In the early years of photography, photographers and painters collaborated, borrowed and shared ideas, ushering in a period of innovation in...

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    In the second of our series on artists' techniques and processes, Susan Breen explains how the paintings conservation team breathed new life in to...

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    The new film Effie Gray tells the story of one of the art world’s most infamous love triangles – between the young wife of the prominent Victorian...

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    Kirstie Beaven

    On the day that Tate Britain’s most famous Pre-Raphaelite paintings go back on display, we take a look at some little-known facts and bust some...

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    We take a quick skip through colour theory, and how some of modern art's giants have put it into practice 

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    Lucinda Hawksley

    In an essay originally published in issue 3 of Tate Etc. we take a look at John Everett Millais's Ophelia 1851–2

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    Jimmy Page, Paul Reeves

    The guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin is a fan and collector of the art of the Pre-Raphaelites. He talks to Tate Etc. about his lifelong passion

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    Briony Llewellyn

    As Tate Britain mounts an exhibition of work by nineteenth-century Western artists who travelled east, Briony Llewellyn delves into the archives,...

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    Herbert Lachmayer, Alfred Weidinger

    To coincide with Tate Liverpool’s exhibition Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900, we bring together a cultural historian...

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    Fiona MacCarthy

    The huge painting The Sleep of King Arthur in Avalon is going on display at Tate Britain for the first time. Its creator, Edward Burne-Jones, is...

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    Kathleen Jamie

    Many of Millais's late landscapes in Scotland were painted en plein air and given titles inspired by his favourite poems. Variously described as...

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    Richard Holloway, Edward Allington, David Austen, Ben Faccini

    Richard Holloway, Edward Allington, David Austen and Ben Faccini reflect on a work in the Tate collection

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    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch, Callum Innes

    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch and Callum Innes reflect on a work in the Tate collection