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    Mark Godfrey

    One of the most important and influential Italian artists of the twentieth century, Alighiero Boetti (1940–1994) is renowned for the extraordinary...

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    Hans Ulrich Obrist

    A long-term friend remembers his first encounter with the artist at the age of eighteen, and the subsequent effect this meeting had on the way he...

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    Peter Fischli

    Peter Fischli grew up in a Bauhaus home designed by his father Hans Fischli, an artist and architect who had studied in Dessau. He talks to us...

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    Tony Cragg

    Sculpture was historically the domain of the artist-worker, armed with hammer and chisel. Now the artist may use any material and any approach....

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    Michael Bird

    Michael Bird on notions of how symmetry, the Doppelgänger, duality and mirror images have played a part in the way artists view themselves and the...