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    Enrico Tassi

    Běla Kolářová's (1923–2010) experiments with photography and assemblage brought the everyday into direct contact with the aesthetic of a new...

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    Karen Schiff

    The American artist Agnes Martin was best known for her pared down, subtly coloured abstract paintings, mostly done when she was living in splendid...

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    Watch Tate’s interactive film – Tate Modern and Africa Express present Terry Riley’s In C Mali

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    Éric de Chassey

    The show at Tate St Ives this summer explores the international context which shaped the work of artists in the Cornish town from the 1940s to...

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    Fernanda Gomes

    On the eve of the first international survey of her work, fellow Brazilian artist Fernanda Gomes pays tribute to Mira Schendel

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    Valentina Ravaglia

    Mike Kelley’s Channel One, Channel Two and Channel Three 1994, now on display at Tate Modern, is a potent work filled with many seductive...

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    Anna Dezeuze

    Marcel Duchamp's phial of Paris air, Yves Klein's The Void exhibition, Martin Creed's Work No.227: The lights going on and off, Gabriel Orozco's...

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    Beat Wyss

    The image of a monk standing by an empty sea soon became an icon of German Romanticism. However, in the twentieth century the 'Caspar David...

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    Simon Grant, Robert Morris

    Robert Morris (born 1931) has been variously involved in the development of Land art, performance, installation as well as being a prominent...

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    Brice Marden

    Simon Grant talks to Brice Marden about his enduring fascination with Rothko's paintings.

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    Claire Daigle

    Coinciding with Cy Twombly’s 80th birthday, Tate Modern is staging the first retrospective of the American artist’s work for twenty years. Claire...

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    James Lingwood

    He was said to be one of the ‘most ingenious artists of his generation’ and someone who had ‘an infectious fascination for the world about him’,...

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    Steven Connor

    In 1935 Gertrude Stein wrote that in a painting there should be "no feeling of air". As Steven Connor explains, air has become as much...

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    Thomas Kellein

    Broken Kilometer, as Kellein writes, surpasses many other great works: "Even Barnett Newman's 'zip' paintings, Dan Flavin's fluorescent tube...

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    Nicholas Blincoe

    The body matters, more than at any other time in history. As Abi Titmuss appears in a Sapphic embrace on the cover of FHM magazine, Morgan Spurlock...

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    Christy Lange

    The late 1960s saw a radical rethinking of the art object, with the emphasis shifting away from the static artwork to one that engaged more...

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    Tony Cragg

    Sculpture was historically the domain of the artist-worker, armed with hammer and chisel. Now the artist may use any material and any approach....

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    Claire Bishop

    What does the term ‘installation art’ mean? Does it apply to big dark rooms that you stumble into to watch videos? Or empty rooms in which the...

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    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch, Callum Innes

    Elisabeth Bronfen, Lucinda Hawksley, John Paul Lynch and Callum Innes reflect on a work in the Tate collection

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    David Toop

    Almost 100 years ago, shortly before the outbreak of the First World War, the Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo proposed the idea that urban and...

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