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    We take a quick skip through colour theory, and how some of modern art's giants have put it into practice 

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    We caught up with Mondrian biographer Nicholas Fox Weber to discuss what it is about the Dutch modernist painter that captures him, and the...

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    Lucy Howarth

    At one stage the British artist Marlow Moss was at the heart of the European avant-garde, living in Paris where she knew Piet Mondrian and was...

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    James Hall

    It is well known that Pablo Picasso initiated many important developments of twentieth-century art, but we know less about his extraordinary impact...

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    Alied Ottevanger

    A painter, poet, art critic, typographer, designer and publisher who played a key role in the international exchange of ideas of the early...

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    Carter Ratcliff

    Carter Ratcliff examines the legacy of COBRA, one of the 20th century's most important, though shortlived, artistic movements, whose work is now...