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    Jonathan Griffin

    The photogram is an image made without a camera by placing an object directly on to the surface of a light-sensitive material and then exposing it...

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    Michael Bracewell

    To coincide with the retrospective at Tate Modern of Richard Hamilton, one of the most important and influential artists of the twentieth century,...

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    Jessica Lack

    Arts writer Jessica Lack looks at how jokes and satire have impacted the cultural politics of art

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    Paul Farley

    Was this the same Kurt Schwitters, founder of Merz, collaborator with Dadaists, Cubists and Constructivists, who won first, second and third prizes...

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    Jennifer Mundy

    The Gallery of Lost Art is an immersive, online exhibition that tells the fascinating stories of artworks that have disappeared. Each week a new...

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    Sally O'Reilly

    The Underground chambers of the old power station at Bankside, where oil once lurked with electric potential, will soon open to the public with a...

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    James Hall

    It is well known that Pablo Picasso initiated many important developments of twentieth-century art, but we know less about his extraordinary impact...

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    Amanda Delew, Pen Hadow, Chris Stephens, Peter Peri, Michael Bracewell

    Tate Britain’s recent rehang, which follows a broadly chronological sequence, includes focused individual displays that highlight new research as...

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    Anne Ellegood

    A recent exhibition at SculptureCenter in New York with the tongue-in-cheek title, A Voyage of Growth and Discovery, was a collaborative effort...

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    Alied Ottevanger

    A painter, poet, art critic, typographer, designer and publisher who played a key role in the international exchange of ideas of the early...

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    Claire Bishop, Boris Groys

    As well as being noted for their avant-garde painting, the Futurists' performances were legendary for their intent to provoke and scandalise the...

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    Hari Kunzru

    The radical 1960s English group King Mob called themselves the ‘gangsters of the new freedom’, and combined hard-edged politics with the disruptive...

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    George Baker, T.J. Demos, Kim Knowles, Jacqueline Matisse Monnier

    Appreciations on Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia by Jacqueline Matisse Monnier, T.J. Demos, George Baker and Kim Knowles.

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    Bernard Marcadé

    To coincide with the first exhibition to explore the inter-relationship between Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia, to be staged at Tate Modern, Marcadé...

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    Mario Vargas Llosa

    George Grosz gave a fantastic testimony of Berlin life during a terrible period, divided between fascism and communism. He was active in the...

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    T.J. Demos

    The ability to play with time, stretching and quickening it is a distinctively modern phenomenon, since the advent of photography in the twentieth...

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    John Burnside

    In his second visit to the Tate archive, John Burnside reflects on the death certificate of Kurt Schwitters.

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    Will Self

    In the Studio: Will Self tracks the ever-changing relationship between the literary and visual arts from John Keats to J.G. Ballard

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    Alison M. Gingeras, Gisela Capitain, Roberto Ohrt, John Baldessari, Jutta Koether, Urs Fischer, Piotr Uklanski

    Alison M. Gingeras It would seem that Martin Kippenberger (1953–1997) is finally getting his due. Eight years after his premature death, his legacy...

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    David Rimanelli

    ‘To be naked is to be deprived of our clothes, and the word implies some of the embarrassment most of us feel in that condition. The word nude, on...

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