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    Sebastian Roach

    We all know how the old tune goes but can you spot the presents 'my true love gave to me'? Piece together all twelve days of Christmas through our...

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    Susan Holtham

    Are you sick of the sight of a mince pie or board game, (or Wii)? Then it’s time to gather the troops, don a bobble hat and get out of the house....

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    Gabriella Giannachi

    Since the 1960s, and, more significantly, following the opening of Tate Modern in 2000, and subsequently the Tanks in 2012, a large number of works...

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    Felicity Coleman

    In order to ask how has practice as research left imprints in disciplinary boundaries, I have turned the question into a six-point manifesto for...

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    Mike Pinnington

    With a number of recent exhibitions on both sides of the atlantic recognising her practice, the work of American multi-media artist Gretchen Bender...

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    The Modern Lens at Tate St. Ives explores developments in international photography from the 1920s to the 1960s. The exhibition uncovers the sense...

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    Tate Modern’s new show looks at conflict through photographs taken seconds, days, weeks and years after the event. We asked curator Simon Baker to...

  8. Article

    Watch Tate’s interactive film – Tate Modern and Africa Express present Terry Riley’s In C Mali

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    Mike Pinnington

    Andy Warhol’s multi-media live performance experiment, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable (EPI) debuted in 1966 in New York. We caught...

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    Sebastian Roach

    Art's clever incorporation into advertising is an age old trick, (and vice versa thanks to Pop art), but what happens when artists appropriate each...

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    Got 20 minutes to spare? From England's first professional female painter to one of the most notable sculptors of the twentieth century, see...

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    Tate has teamed up with leading Minecraft mapmakers to create virtual 3D worlds inspired by some of our best-loved artworks

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    The American novelist and cultural critic Lynne Tillman got to know the crowd of Warhol's Factory when she interviewed the likes of John...

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    Achim Borchardt-Hume

    The UK's largest ever survey of American sculptor and poet Richard Tuttle is on display in London at Tate Modern and the Whitechapel Gallery. ...

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    Mike Pinnington

    Join us on a whirlwind tour through some Andy Warhol factoids!

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    Kirstie Beaven

    As the weather finally catches up with the season and turns cold for good, we've put together a firework display you can watch from the comfort of...

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    Curator Darren Pih takes a close look at one of the key artworks in Tate Liverpool's exhibition Transmitting Andy Warhol

  18. Article

    Marking the 50th anniversary of Terry Riley's pioneering masterpiece In C, Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space will...

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    Gareth Evans

    The German-Jewish philosopher was not only one of the most influential cultural critics of the last century, but also a talented broadcaster. As...

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    Sebastian Roach

    To coincide with the general release of Mike Leigh's film Mr Turner, we take a look at the long hollywood history of artists in film, and their...

Showing 1-20 of 75 results