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    Hannah Lyons

    Tate Britain's Ruin Lust exhibition forges new relationships between historical and contemporary artworks which focus on the use of ruins...

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    Tony Crowley

    Inspired by Tate Liverpool’s Keywords: Art Society and Culture in 1980s Britain exhibition, academic, writer and native born ‘scouser’ Tony...

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    Caroline Corbeau-Parsons

    Forgotten Faces comprises seventeen portraits or figure paintings and three sculptures ranging between 1896 – a year before the foundation of the...

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    Ruth Kenny

    Introduction In 1628, Edward Norgate, a musician and courtier to Charles I, included a short discussion of pastel painting towards the end of...

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    Francesco Manacorda

    Can art really be for everyone? Artistic director and curator of Art Turning Left at Tate Liverpool, Francesco Manacorda invites you to...