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  1. Article
    Virginia Ironside, David Fraser Jenkins

    From their relationship with a ‘revolting personage’ of a father, to strings of obsessive affairs, Virginia Ironside explores the unfulfilled...

  2. Article
    Jennifer Wiseman, Neal Brown, Lisa Appignanesi, Paul Noble

    Contemporary reflections on a work in the Tate collection

  3. Article
    Alison M. Gingeras

    Flamboyant. Extravagant. Megalomanic. Alcoholic. Sexually obsessed. Manic-depressive. How important is persona in understanding an artist’s...

  4. Article
    Mike Kelley, Jeffrey Sconce

    Following Mike Kelley’s exhibition The Uncanny at Tate Liverpool, the artist and Jeffrey Sconce talk about Freud, the power of hidden memory and...

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    Juergen Teller, Elisabeth Robinson, Lisa Jardine, Martin Kemp

    Juergen Teller, Elisabeth Robinson, Lisa Jardine and Martin Kemp reflect on a detail of a work in Tate Britain.