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    Gilda Williams

    What are you looking at? Gilda Williams casts an eye over the photographic works of four female artists: Vanessa Beecroft, Nikki S. Lee, Catherine...

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    Virginia Ironside, David Fraser Jenkins

    From their relationship with a ‘revolting personage’ of a father, to strings of obsessive affairs, Virginia Ironside explores the unfulfilled...

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    Alfred Pacquement

    In May 2004 Thomas Hirschhorn set up a makeshift museum – the Musée Précaire Albinet – in a Paris suburb. Run by local residents, it displayed a...

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    Ed Ruscha, Robert Frank, Lou Reed, Liz Jobey, Mary Ellen Mark, Mark Haworth-Booth

    Robert Frank is one of the world’s most influential photographers. For more than fifty years, he has broken the rules of photography and filmmaking...

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    Mark Godfrey

    Mark Godfrey on the shifting notions of time and space in recent film and video

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    Adriano Pedrosa

    In the Studio: Adriano Pedrosa visits Beatriz Milhazes

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    Brian Dillon

    From the suffragette who took a cleaver to Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus in the National Gallery in 1914 to the outraged citizen of Milan who fell from...

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    Lynne Cooke, Rem Koolhaas

    The Art and the 60s: This Was Tomorrow exhibition broke new ground for Tate Britain by mixing fine art, architecture and photography. In a rare...

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    Robert Storr

    Language has been a key element in Bruce Nauman's work. For the fifth in The Unilever Series of commissions for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern,...

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    Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith hangs around at Michael Landy’s Semi-detached

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    Jennifer Wiseman, Neal Brown, Lisa Appignanesi, Paul Noble

    Contemporary reflections on a work in the Tate collection

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    Paul Barlow

    Paul Barlow looks at George Frederic Watts’s Hope

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    Paul Farley

    In his second visit to the Tate archive, Paul Farley discovers the delights of old vinyl

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    Paul Pfeiffer

    New York-based video artist Paul Pfeiffer explains how J.M.W. Turner’s painting Light and Colour (Goethe’s Theory) – The Morning after the Deluge...

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    Alain de Botton

    Edward Hopper belongs to a particular category of artist whose work appears sad but does not make us sad…perhaps because they allow us as viewers...

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    Jemima Montagu

    The Art of the Garden: Jemima Montagu explores the garden symbol all the way back to Eden, through the ‘close-locked’ ideals of the Renaissance to...

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    Adrian Searle, Paulina Olowska, Peter Doig, Chris Ofili

    To coincide with the Luc Tuymans show at Tate Modern, the first large-scale exhibition of his work in the UK, three artists and a critic debate the...

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    Alison M. Gingeras

    Flamboyant. Extravagant. Megalomanic. Alcoholic. Sexually obsessed. Manic-depressive. How important is persona in understanding an artist’s...

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    Sigmar Polke

    Richard Dadd was not only extremely well educated, he was on his way to becoming a full-blooded representative of Victorian painting before killing...

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    Mike Kelley, Jeffrey Sconce

    Following Mike Kelley’s exhibition The Uncanny at Tate Liverpool, the artist and Jeffrey Sconce talk about Freud, the power of hidden memory and...

Showing 1-20 of 27 results