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    Massimiliano Gioni

    When Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping was forced to expel the beasties that inhabited his Theater of the World he complained that ‘animal rights were...

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    Madeleine Grynsztejn

    The social, historical and political landscape of Colombia and beyond has deeply informed the work of the artist who is creating the next Unilever...

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    Oliver Sacks

    As a twelve-year-old in 1945, Oliver Sacks took a stereographic image of his London street from his bedroom window. Tate Etc. prints it for the...

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    Antonia Fraser

    There are many portraits of Elizabeth I, but few reflect her image as steely icon as perfectly as the one attributed to Nicholas Hilliard. Antonia...

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    Nancy Spero, Helmut Lang

    Two artists who know Louise Bourgeois talk about how she has played a part in their lives.

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    Alessandra Galasso

    Norma Jeane is the alias of an artist who never appears in public and has no studio, using Marilyn Monroe’s real names for an identity. From...

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    Marie de Brugerolle

    To coincide with the forthcoming The World as a Stage exhibition at Tate Modern, Marie de Brugerolle explores how contemporary notions of the...

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    Jessica Morgan, Catherine Wood

    Co-curators of the Tate Modern exhibition, ask some of the participating artists about its themes

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    Martin Herbert

    On a yearly basis it provokes passionate debate on the state of contemporary British art, and it has inspired other institutions abroad to follow...

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    Bernard Marcadé

    In 1947 Magritte gave up what he called his ‘tactile conformism’ partly to distance himself from the rigours of Parisian surrealism. He painted a...

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    Edward Platt

    Millais's early career was closely linked to his friendship with the Lemprière family. The teenage artist's desire for one of the daughters...

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    Kathleen Jamie

    Many of Millais's late landscapes in Scotland were painted en plein air and given titles inspired by his favourite poems. Variously described as...

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    Carsten Nicolai, Duncan Marquis, Piers Faccini, Andrew Graham-Stewart

    Carsten Nicolai on Francis Picabia’s The Fig-Leaf 1922 I have always liked Francis Picabia’s work, especially his early machine-drawings from the...

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    Nicholas Ridout

    ‘Since visual art practice has so decisively repudiated, problematised, complicated the whole business of pretending’, says Nicholas Ridout, ...

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    George Shaw

    George Shaw sketched his father for several decades, until his death last year. Prompted by a visit to the Tate stores to view Henry Lamb’s...

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    Iain Sinclair

    Iain Sinclair visits the Tate archive and unearths the images of a photographer ‘trembling on the brink of life and death’

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    Denyse Bertoni

    For many years Louise Bourgeois conducted a monthly salon from her house in New York. It was a chance to meet the distinguished artist, but you...

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    Carter Ratcliff

    The older man in the photograph was Barnett Newman, unexpectedly being kissed by the youngster Michael Auder. Carter Ratcliff looks at how two...

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    Katharine Stout

    William Blake famously declared: “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s.” His visionary work is on view at Tate Britain ...

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    Jonathan Harris

    Jonathan Harris interprets Tate Liverpool’s comprehensive rehang, and how it shows many of the works in the collection in a new context. Much of...

Showing 1-20 of 52 results