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    Thomas Phongsathorn, Simon Grant, Matthew Bowman, Alison Dunhill, Charles Danby

    Thomas Phongsathorn reviews Franz West To Build a House You Start with the Roof: Work 1972–2008 published by The MIT Press Sex, humour,...

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    Sarah Jackson

    Bothy Let’s just say I am lost. Father saidthere’d be a bothy. I’ve carriedmy water, my map, matches wrappedin polythene like lambs in amniotic...

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    Francesco Bonami

    From Gabriel Orozco's exhibition of yoghurt pot lids to Rirkrit Tiravanija's transformation of a gallery into a kitchen to serve visitors food,...

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    Rochelle Steiner, Alison Gingeras

    On the eve of Glenn Brown's solo exhibition at Tate Liverpool, Rochelle Steiner and Alison Gingeras talk about the enduring appeal of the painter...

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    Jeremy Wood

    Is Anthony van Dyck a British artist? Jeremy Wood charts the continental shift of a peripatetic man who spent two influential periods of time in...

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    Philip Ursprung

    Why was Otto Meuhl's 1970 performance Manopsychotic Ballet forgotten?

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    Mark Godfrey

    The artist has said: 'If you were to ask me what I do, I would say that I draw – this is the primary activity.' Mark Godfrey examines how the...

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    Susie Gauntlett

    On a visit to the Tate Archive, Susie Gauntlett discovers a postcard written by a young Lucian Freud.

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    John Lloyd

    William Kentridge was invited to make a projection on the fire screen of the Fenice opera theatre, which was primarily seen while the orchestra...

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    Elaine Feinstein

    Each month, Tate Etc. publishes new poetry by leading poets such as John Burnside, Moniza Alvi, Adam Thorpe, Alice Oswald and David Harsent who...

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    Adrien Sina, Sarah Wilson

    Valentine de Saint-Point (1875–1953), formerly a model for Alphonse Mucha and Rodin, began her life as an artist desired by two important Italian...

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    Jean-Christophe Ammann

    'A call reached me from somewhere across the fields (a call that disappeared almost imperceptibly, like a shooting star, so that in the end it...

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    James Midgley

    Butterfly Antennae after Alexander Calder's Antennae with Red and Blue Dots Tonight there is too much interference to think.In a town's scattered...

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    Brian Dillon

    Susan Hiller: In her mixed-media installations and video works, Susan Hiller's art journeys through the intangible landscapes of imagination,...

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    Neil Matheson

    Magritte’s particular style of Surrealism, to be explored in a new show at Tate Liverpool, has become a favourite, with his works appearing in...

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    Sophie Bowness

    The recently opened Hepworth Wakefield gallery includes an impressive selection of Barbara Hepworth’s relatively unknown plaster and aluminium...

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    Phyllida Barlow

    'I cannot work it out. I cannot resolve it. It is always different.' An abstract sculpture of interlocking forged iron bars by Eduardo Chillida...

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    Jennifer Wong

    A poem inspired by John Sargent's work Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.

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    Artist Steve McQueen talks about his award-winning first feature film Hunger, the story of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands

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    Elaine Showalter

    Literary critic and feminist, Elaine Showalter explores the life and work of artist Louise Bourgeois.

Showing 1-20 of 79 results