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    Watch Tate’s interactive film – Tate Modern and Africa Express present Terry Riley’s In C Mali

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    Mike Pinnington

    Andy Warhol’s multi-media live performance experiment, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable (EPI) debuted in 1966 in New York. We caught...

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    The elderly lady in a headscarf turns her kindly gaze to the camera, as a younger Chinese man looks on. This fascinating photograph documented the...

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    Sebastian Roach

    Art's clever incorporation into advertising is an age old trick, (and vice versa thanks to Pop art), but what happens when artists appropriate each...

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    Mark Godfrey, Peter Fischli

    Sigmar Polke (1941–2010) was one of the most inventive and influential artists of recent times. A leading figure in the generation of 1960s German...

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    Lucy Mulroney

    Today we take for granted the mass-media channels of publishing, film, fashion, music and broadcasting, but Andy Warhol was a master at utilising...

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    Chloe Dewe Mathews

    Tate Modern’s exhibition Conflict, Time, Photography, opens this week, coinciding with the centenary of the start of the First World War. It...

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    David Alan Mellor

    The Archive of Modern Conflict (AMC) contains one of the best collections of photographs of war and conflict from across the centuries, some of...

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    Got 20 minutes to spare? From England's first professional female painter to one of the most notable sculptors of the twentieth century, see...

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    Tate has teamed up with leading Minecraft mapmakers to create virtual 3D worlds inspired by some of our best-loved artworks

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    The American novelist and cultural critic Lynne Tillman got to know the crowd of Warhol's Factory when she interviewed the likes of John...

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    Achim Borchardt-Hume

    The UK's largest ever survey of American sculptor and poet Richard Tuttle is on display in London at Tate Modern and the Whitechapel Gallery. ...

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    To mark Armistice Day 2014, we invite you to view a selection of photographs, of scenes touched by conflict and taken in the seconds, days,...

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    Tim Batchelor

    William Hogarth (1697–1764) died at his house in Leicester Fields during the night of 25 October 1764. He had been ill for over a month and...

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    Gretchen Bender (1951– 2004) was an American artist, editor, director and designer who used her skills to insert her vision into the very media...

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    Mike Pinnington

    Join us on a whirlwind tour through some Andy Warhol factoids!

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    Kirstie Beaven

    As the weather finally catches up with the season and turns cold for good, we've put together a firework display you can watch from the comfort of...

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    Curator Darren Pih takes a close look at one of the key artworks in Tate Liverpool's exhibition Transmitting Andy Warhol

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    Richard Shiff

    The UK’s largest ever survey of the American sculptor and poet Richard Tuttle will take place in London this October. It will comprise a major...

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    Marking the 50th anniversary of Terry Riley's pioneering masterpiece In C, Tate Modern, Africa Express and The Space will...

Showing 1-20 of 22 results