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    Noboru Takayama, Lynda Nead, Alexandra Harris, Iain Sinclair

    Noboru Takayama on Giuseppe Penone’s Tree of 12 Metres 1980–2 An underlying animistic belief within Japanese culture has held that all things, both...

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    Hannah Kemp-Welch

    Susan Philipsz has created a sound work for Tate Britain using war-damaged musical instruments. Sombre and peaceful, the work provides a...

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      The mobiles started when I went to see Mondrian. I was impressed by several coloured rectangles he had on the wall. Shortly after that I...

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    Jodie Kharas

    In the latest of our 'Quick 5' series, DJ, author and television presenter Lauren Laverne is in the hot seat. 

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    Alexander S.C. Rower

    The American artist Alexander Calder (1898–1976) probably best known for his abstract coloured ‘mobiles’ as well as his large outdoor sculptures,...

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    In the second of our series on artists' techniques and processes, Susan Breen explains how the paintings conservation team breathed new life in to...

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    Agnieszka Grata

    Over a two-day period early this year the dancer and choreographer Boris Charmatz, along with around 90 dancers and choreographers, took over the...

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    Andrew Gilbert, Hew Locke, Simon Grant

    Tate Britain’s forthcoming exhibition Artist and Empire is the first large-scale presentation of the art associated with the British Empire from...

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    Susan Holtham

    Need some Movember inspiration? Look no further than our quick 'tache tour of the many top-lip ticklers sprouted in 500 years of British art...

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    Curator Alison Smith introduces some of the fascinating stories behind the artworks in Tate Britain’s new exhibition

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    Bringing together unforgettable works from museum collections in the UK, France and Germany, Tate Liverpool's new show explores memory, censorship...

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    Luc Tuymans

    Since he was a teenager, the Belgian artist has admired the portraits of Scottish painter Henry Raeburn (1756–1823)

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    Toby Treves

    In 1959 Peter Lanyon (1918–1964) learned to fly a glider, an activity that transformed his understanding of the air and the land, and inspired him...

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    Patrizia Di Bello

    Lecturer Patrizia Di Bello discusses the inspiring and influential work of photographer Jo Spence

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    Curators Elsa Coustou and Flavia Frigeri share their bite-sized highlights from The EY Exhibition: World Goes Pop

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    Abraham Cruzvillegas' stunning installation Empty Lot currently fills the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. He sat down with poet and author of...

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    Erika Balsom

    This In Focus situates Smith’s film historically, analyses its intersections with film and visual theory, and explores the changing conditions of...

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    Curators Elsa Coustou and Flavia Frigeri share their bite-sized highlights from Pop Art movement

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    Catherine Lampert

    Frank Auerbach (b1931) is well known for his intensely worked paintings of people and London scenes, which are often repeated and can take months,...

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    In this guest blog, The International Slavery Museum's Dr Richard Benjamin talks of his recent visit to Tate Liverpool's major...

Showing 1-20 of 116 results