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    Catherine Wood

    The practice of choreographed movement has never been merely about decorative spectacle, but as artists and performers have shown throughout the...

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    Carol Yinghua Lu

    The Chinese artist has become one of the most important cultural commentators of his generation. On the eve of the opening of his installation in...

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    Mario Vargas Llosa

    During the research for his novel The Way to Paradise, which interweaves the life of Gauguin with that of his half-Peruvian grandmother Flora...

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    Owen Hatherley

    Recent urban regeneration projects, both in the UK and abroad, have often combined the building of shopping centres and apartments with cultural...

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    Edward Platt

    His projects have included pushing a block of ice around Mexico City until it melted, letting a fox loose in the National Gallery, London, at night...

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    Steven Henry Madoff

    Since the early 1960s, when the American version of Pop Art seemed to extinguish the spiritual and existential ambitions of Abstract Expressionism,...

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    Nicole Brenez

    The pioneering filmmaker and theorist Harun Farocki has made more than 90 films - ranging from experimental documentaries to large-scale...

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    Adam Nicolson

    In 1635 van Dyck painted his largest and most ambitious work, Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke, and his Family. Behind the shimmering grandeur...

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    Andrew Hunt

    On the eve of Tate Britain's Triennial, Andrew Hunt explores the themes proposed by its curator, Nicholas Bourriaud.

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    Peter Campus, Douglas Gordon, David A. Ross

    Peter Campus was one of the first artists to explore the formal possibilities of film and video technology. Douglas Gordon, who admires Campus's...

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    Max Kozloff

    To coincide with Tate Modern's survey exhibition that explores the parallel worlds of photographs taken in the urban environment and those taken as...

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    Christopher Miles

    The American artist John Baldessari has influenced several generations of younger artists, and has, since the 1960s, consistently renegotiated his...

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    Hari Kunzru

    The radical 1960s English group King Mob called themselves the ‘gangsters of the new freedom’, and combined hard-edged politics with the disruptive...

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    Camila Batmanghelidjh, Josh Lacey, Hattie Ellis, Thomas Scheibitz

    Camila Batmanghelidjh on Josef Albers’s Circle 1933 When I see this image it makes me think about our need for caring and understanding...

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    Madeleine Grynsztejn

    The social, historical and political landscape of Colombia and beyond has deeply informed the work of the artist who is creating the next Unilever...

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    David Campany, Nigel Shafran, Homer Sykes, Martin Parr, Anna Pavord, Viktor Kolár, Kathryn Hughes, Brett Rogers, Tessa Codrington

    To coincide with Tate Britain's photographic survey of Britain's social history, Tate Etc. asked a selection of writers, curators and photographers...

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    Martin Rowson

    William Hogarth was one of the founders of a satire that led all the way to the modern comic book and was described as the grandfather of the...

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    James Hall

    English visual art contains a wealth of bondage imagery, particularly from Aubrey Beardsley, the master of the whiplash line. James Hall, explores...

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    Francesco Bonami

    Joseph Beuys is considered by some as the most important of the post-war period – a sculptor, performance artist, teacher and political activist...

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    Gilda Williams

    What are you looking at? Gilda Williams casts an eye over the photographic works of four female artists: Vanessa Beecroft, Nikki S. Lee, Catherine...

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