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    James Lingwood, Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Perhaps the most complex work to have emerged in the last ten years, Matthew Barney's sculpture, installations and five Cremaster films have left...

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    Tom Morton, Richard Cork

    The Turner Prize is a controversial fixture of the autumn calendar, designed to bring new art to new audiences. Tom Morton asks what the event can...

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    Adam Roberts

    For a short time this autumn, British Modernist art at Tate St Ives makes way for art films and videos from the Tate Collection. Adam Roberts...

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    Eva Hesse aimed to create 'nothings', but the humanity of her work has ensured that her artistic reputation has triumphed over the cliché of a...

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    Melanie McGrath

    Few artists are subjected to fierce public scrutiny in the British tabloids like Tracey Emin. But is she a great artist? Melanie McGrath meets the...

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    Michael Collins

    Bernd and Hilla Becher have spent their life together photographing the unintended beauty that can be found in industrial structures. Michael...

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    Carter Ratcliff

    When he first exhibited his vast abstract paintings more than 50 years ago, Barnett Newman's audience did not know how to look at them. So, Carter...

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    Sheena Wagstaff

    Robert Ryman was a young artist in New York when he met Barnett Newman. He discusses the late artist's aesthetic with Sheena Wagstaff, head of...

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    Anish Kapoor

    The artist Anish Kapoor discussed his new work for Tate Modern and other sculptural discoveries with the curator Heidi Reitmaier. Here are edited...

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    Bruce Millar

    Anya Gallaccio has created a new site-specific work for Tate Britain. The artist discusses her project with Bruce Millar of Tate Magazine Landscape...

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    Richard Cork

    Nobody could look more imposing than the figure in Anselm Kiefer 's enormous painting, Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom. Now displayed at Tate Modern,...

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    William Vaughan

    A spectacular procession of full-length portraits forms the heart of the largest-ever Gainsborough exhibition, opening at Tate Britain next month....

Showing 1121-1132 of 1132 results