Peter Doig, 'Ski Jacket' 1994
Peter Doig
Ski Jacket 1994
Oil on canvas
support, right: 2953 x 1604 x 33 mm
support, left: 2950 x 1900 x 33 mm
Purchased with assistance from Evelyn, Lady Downshire's Trust Fund 1995© Peter Doig

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Last year we ran a quiz based on some statistics from the website, and as so many of you took part, we thought it was time to do it again! 

So what happened this year? There were thousands of searches for Pop Art, probably influenced by the Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Modern. Other popular art movements were cubism, surrealism and futurism

There were lots of searches related to weather phenomena – including sunsets, rainbows, clouds and storms – yes, we talk a lot about the weather in the UK!…To find out what the weather will be each weekend, follow us on Twitter for a Friday forecast #tateweather.

Last year Ophelia was the most viewed artwork, but it is not the case for this year – guess what took the top spot? London is the most searched city, but which other places are favourite destinations in the collection?…What other content do you think was the most visited in art & artists in 2013?

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