As a part of Our Liverpool Landscape: From Turner to Today, bird sheet music will curiously captures avian activity: cawing cacophonies, dulcet timbre, and productive pooh will be collected and collated into a sounding celebration of our feathered friends! 

Garden birds, sea birds, birds of prey, water birds, shore birds, field birds, feral birds, and woodland birds, all feed and fly in Liverpool; enriching our environment. 

Sketch of a magpie Tate Liverpool
Kerry’s sketch of a magpie in the parks
Musical Score Image
Musical Score Image
The large bird sheet score stretched out to record the dawn chorus

Bird Sheet Music will seek to harnesses some of their fundamental doings. Bird Sheet Music, a collaborative composition, takes - by chance – nature’s calls and represents what comes naturally.
I will be laying blank score - on a scale of great magnitude - underneath places where birds roost and feed.  As the birds go about their daily business, droppings will fall onto the score below. Each splat on the score will form a musical note, a cache of pooh, an embellished score: bird shit music. 

Pigeons near the bird sheet in Princes Park
Pigeons near the bird sheet in Prince’s Park

If you know of any places in Everton, Princes of Springfield parks where birds roost please do let me know below or tweet me @kerrymmorrison

Simultaneously, sound artist, Helmut Lemke, will record bird ‘song’, together with ambient nature and city sounds. 

Sound artist Helmut Lemke
Sound artist, Helmut Lemke recording the sounds of the parks

Listen to the sounds from the Princes Park that will be incorporated into the final bird sheet composition….

Composer, Jon Hering, will translate the visual score into notation that can be handled, read, and performed. 

Bird sheet music is just one project happening as a part of Our Liverpool Landscape: From Turner to Today; a series of outdoor events linked to Tate Liverpool’s summer exhibition Turner Monet Twombly.