Last Christmas I gave you my art...(sorry, no more puns). This year, to save you from tears (ok, really, no more) we've gathered gorgeous things from our shop, as well as fellow museums, galleries and art shops to create the ultimate gift guide, just for you lovely arty lot. If you're stuck on what to get the creative creatures in your life, look no further than your browser as all are available to buy online

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  • Snow travel journal, Tate online shop, £10.00
    Snow travel journal, Tate, £10.00
  • Fish Cushion, Victoria and Albert Museum, £35.00
    Fish cushion, Victoria and Albert Museum, £35.00
  • Matisse Tate vintage poster reproduction, Tate online shop, £25.00
    Matisse Tate vintage poster reproduction, Tate, £25.00
  • Sensu Solo iPad stylus, Amazon, £29.99
    Sensu Solo iPad stylus, Amazon, £29.99
  • Stencil 101 by Ed Roth, Cass Art, £16.95
    Stencil 101 by Ed Roth, Cass Art, £16.95. Cass Art are offering Tate blog readers 15% discount off your first purchase*
  • A Golden Lily Guantlet Oven Glove, Victorian and Albert Museum, £12.00
    A Golden Lily Guantlet Oven Glove, Victorian and Albert Museum, £12.00
  • Vanilla Biscuit Notebook, Future and Found, £12.00
    Vanilla Biscuit Notebook, Future and Found, £12.00
  • Key Word Pencil Set: The Visual Arts, The School of Life, £12.00
    Key Word Pencil Set: The Visual Arts, The School of Life, £12.00
  • Art History mug, National Portrait Gallery, £10.00
    Art History mug, National Portrait Gallery, £10.00
  • GO: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design, Amazon, £12.99
    GO: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design, Workman Publishing available on Amazon, £12.99
  • Chiyogami print Origami paper
    Chiyogami print Origami paper, Muji, £2.95
  • Infinity Net - the autobiography of Yayoi Kusama, Tate, £12.99
    Infinity Net - the autobiography of Yayoi Kusama, Tate, £12.99
  • Paint Your Own Pyjamas Set, The National Gallery, £36.00
    Paint Your Own Pyjamas Set, The National Gallery, £36.00
  • The Folio Society edition of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein, illustrated by Eric Fraser, £27.95
    The Folio Society edition of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkein, illustrated by Eric Fraser, £27.95
  • Jansen yellow mug, Tate online shop, £10.00
    Jansen yellow mug, Tate, £10.00

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1. Travel journal, Tate, £10

A silk screen printed book - complete with festive snowy scene - for the travel scribbler in your life, with different patterned papers and pockets for their precious ticket stubs. Tate

2. Fish cushion, V&A, £35

Paul Klee was inspired by fishes in many of his paintings - and as far as we’re concerned, that’s a brilliantly tenuous excuse to include this geometric chap in our gift guide. There’s also a penguin, an elephant and a giraffe if those are more to your liking. V&A

3. Tate vintage poster reproduction - Matisse, Tate, £25

A retro reminder of those lovely cut outs, this poster from Tate’s 1953 exhibition also shows how marketing design has evolved just as the shows have. Tate

4. Sensu Solos, Amazon, £29.99

If, like Hockney, you’ve discovered the epic drawing and painting tool that is the iPad (unlimited undos! Layers! Duplicating to try different versions! This changes everything…), get these brushes on your Christmas list. The clever people at Sensu have combined an aluminium handle and heat conductive hair to make a proper paint brush for touchscreens. They work will all your usual art apps, and they come in nice colours. Amazon

5. Stencil 101, Cass Art, £16.95

How does Banksy make those cheeky designs on the fly? He uses a stencil, of course. This book guides you through the tips and tricks of street art-style stencilling, including 25 reusable ones for you to try and hints on how to use them on walls, clothes, cakes and cards. Cass Art are also offering a discount of 15% off your first purchase just for Tate blog readers*

* add the discount code TATEXMAS to your basket or payment screen. Valid until 22/02/13. Excludes discount on gift wrap, gift vouchers and delivery.

6. Tate gift membership, from £62

Forgive our predictability here, but as art-related gifts go, we think this one is pretty great. Membership gets you unlimited free entry to all Tate exhibitions (that includes Matisse, Mondrian and Turner in 2014), as well as access to our Members Rooms. The Tate Britain one reopened just two weeks ago in the circular balcony of the gallery’s rotunda, and Tate Modern’s riverside Members bar remains ever glamorous up on level 5. Members also get sent three issues of our magazine, Tate Etc.,  bi-monthly guides and various other special offers and invites. So, that’s our pitch! We think your mum/friend/brother/self would like it. Tate

7. A Golden Lily Guantlet Oven Glove Oven Glove, V&A, £12.00

Know a someone who would give their right hand for a country-pile lined with William Morris wallpaper? Keep them handy with an oven glove covered in a print adapted from Golden Lily; a wallpaper designed for Morris & Co, held in the V&A collections. V&A

8. Biscuit notebook, Future and Found, £12.00

Notebooks. At Christmas, everyone thinks everybody loves a notebook. But hang on one-secret-santa-second, what about a notebook in the shape of a biscuit – that also SMELLS like one too (yes, you heard us, it comes in vanilla and chocolate scents). Save your present-buying recipient the calorie-guilt and gain a few brownie points (sorry, another pun). Future and Found

9. Key Word Pencil Set - The Visual Arts, The School of Life, £12.00

For those whom a keyboard and screen (or tablet and stylus) simply won’t do for documenting musings and memoirs, pop this six-piece pencil set in the stocking. Printed with words such ‘avant-garde’ and ‘sublime’, they’ll surely brighten up writing ‘get more milk’ notes. The School of Life

10. Art history mug, National Portrait Gallery, £10.00

Know your Rococo from your Realism? Well, for those who can’t figure out what you’re on about and proceed to say ‘more tea?’, you can’t really go wrong with a bone china ‘art history mug’. Featuring a timeline from the Stone-Age to today, revel in its tiny yet brilliantly synoptic illustrations. National Portrait Gallery

11. Go! A Kidd’s guide to graphic design, Workman Publishing, £12.99

Aimed at ages ten and up, this flying introduction to the key concepts of graphic design is big, bright and incredibly readable. Our blogs editor whizzed through two thirds of it before realising it was for kids (which we’re choosing to see as a mark of its quality, not her IQ). Amazon

12. Origami papers, Muji, £2.95

Printed in traditional Japanese prints lifted from high society kimonos, get these papers for the person who every year says: ‘this year I’m going to Japan’. Muji

13. Infinity Net - the autobiography of Yayoi Kusama, Tate, £12.99

You’ve may have heard the story of a poverty-stricken artist transformed to doyenne of the art scene before, but never quite like the true one of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s life. One of the most significant contemporary artists working today, she went from leaving rural Japan to exist on scraps of food in 60s New York, to befriending Andy Warhol and winning international acclaim, via a voluntarily check-in to the psychiatric institution where she lives today. Tate

14. Paint your own pyjamas, National Gallery, £36

The opportunity to slather paint on clothes is too rare in our art-loving opinion. Sadly, these only go up to age 10, so it’ll be a kids-only pyjama paint-off. National Gallery

15. The Hobbit, The Folio Society, £27.95

With the second Hobbit film released on 13 December, now’s the time to catch up on the book. This lovely illustrated version, with 19 black and white drawings by Eric Fraser, is bound in parchment cloth and blocked in gold. The Folio Society

16. Jansen Yellow Mug, Tate, £12.00

It’s the colour that pops up in Mondrian’s modernist compositions, is awash in Turner’s many sunsets and completely took over in Olafur Eliasson’s The Weather Project. For those who could do with a bit of sun in their lives, a yellow mug designed by Anouk Jansen is a good start. Tate