• Gauguin Self-portrait with Manao
    Paul Gauguin
    Self-portrait with Manao tu papau 1893

I’ve had a query on the blog about Gauguin’s relationship with Edgar Degas. While I ponder on this - it’s a great question but the answer is complicated - I thought you’d like to know that Degas owned ten paintings by Gauguin, a number of which are in our exhibition. Here’s one, Te Faaturuma (translated from ‘Tahitian’ as the brooding woman). There’s a photograph of Gauguin in front of this painting, looking quite raffish in his wide-brimmed hat. It was taken in Paris, probably during an exhibition of his work, in late 1893 or perhaps 1894. Gauguin must have liked the image because he pasted it into Diverses choses (1896-8), one of the sourcebooks he used for reference and developing ideas. The most famous of these books is Noa Noa (meaning ‘fragrance’). But more of that later…