We all know Matisse was a huge fan of nature, however, did you know he had quite a few furry (and feathered) friends too?

Ahead of Matisse Live – our first ever live cinema behind-the-scenes private view of our exhibition being broadcast nationwide tonight – take a look at our slideshow of snaps that show Matisse enjoying some down time with dogs, birds, horses, and a fabulous roaring lion

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  • Matisse and animals dog and palms
  • Matisse and animals small bird on shoulder
  • Matisse and animals black cat
  • Matisse and animals lion
  • Matisse and animals jumping dog
  • Matisse and animals black horse
  • Matisse and animals white swan
  • Matisse and animals horses and blimp

Can you spot the animal influence in Matisse’s works? Let us know!

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Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs is on display at Tate Modern until 7 September