WOW... what an absolutely epic weekend! The Hyperlink festival has finished, but Circuit has only just begun.

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  •  Hyperlink performance by Stooki x Stooki Sound, copyright Richard Eaton
    Hyperlink performance by Stooki x Stooki Sound
  • Hyperlink workshop by Carri Munden, copyright Richard Eaton
    Hyperlink workshop by Carri Munden
  • Hyperlink workshop by Tate Collective, copyright Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole
    Hyperlink workshop by Tate Collective

I’m Raymond from Tate Collective and I want to first say thank you to everyone who came to Hyperlink and helped make it the energetic festival it was. I want to tell you about some of Tate Collectives highlights…

We began on Friday 26 April by inviting local schools and community groups to take part in our six types of workshops ranging from 3D Design, Architecture, Fashion, Illustration, Graphics and Photography. It really did look like they had fun creating, making and participating! As some of you may know, we based our event around the idea of six degrees of separation and asked artists from the workshops to respond to six different works from Tate’s collection.

Hyperlink workshop by It's Nice That, copyright Raymond Brown
Hyperlink workshop by It's Nice That

Later in the evening we kicked off in the Tanks with audio and visual performances from Vase Curate with the likes of Arclight, Jacques Greene and Dorian Concept. Simultaneously, Akala performed in the Turbine Hall followed by a Q&A hosted by Tate Collective. While all this was happening, Susan Stockwell was installing boats in the Turbine Hall made from maps, travel tickets and paper money. Hundreds of small boats, ranging in size formed a steady stream. This was in response to our theme and was going to be open to the public the next day.

On Saturday 27 April Tate Collective organised a jam-packed day full of activities. We put together a 3D workshop aimed at families and saw some interesting results. Children and their parents got involved creating colourful cubes and assembled them into large sculptures throughout the rest of the festival.

Ticketed workshops all went fast before the weekend began. Rankin hosting the photography studio which saw people get the full treatment of hair, make-up and photo shoots for them to then destroy the prints and create some amazing works. Other drop-in workshops were very popular, such as Architecture by Aberrant Architecture and Illustration by Morag Myerscough. The Fashion workshop by Cassette Playa was always filled with people wanting to make shirts, I saw some interesting topics during those sessions.

Hyperlink performance by Paigey Cakey & Lady Leshurr, copyright Richard Eaton
Hyperlink performance by Paigey Cakey & Lady Leshurr

We also invited Reprezent FM and Mandem On The Wall, who both wonderfully documented the festival. Mandem were followed around by a young crowd of fans everywhere they went, look out for more Hyperlink stuff from them. Late afternoon continued with six different performances from Raw Material, Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey, Angel, Stööki Sound, Boxettes and Sway. I really enjoyed them all in their own ways however, it was Stööki and Boxettes who were most memorable to me, the audience really responded well to them.

Sunday was just as popular, the workshops continued to welcome visitors all day. Graphics by It’s Nice That had people making fanzines, I’m sure hundreds were made by the end of the festival. We introduced two new workshops that day by Exactitudes who did Photography and then an Architecture workshop by Adjaye Architects. I felt that they really responded well to the theme we set them and the people joining in understood it too. I didn’t manage to see Raw Material perform on Saturday but lucky they were performing again on Sunday. They were great and all the other performances jelled together nicely with a soft mellow vibe, it even had the audience seated. The genres were spanned from Rhythm and Blues to Spoken Word with songs from Sebastian Blake and poetry by George the Poet.

Hyperlink workshop by Susan Stockwell, copyright Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole
Hyperlink workshop by Susan Stockwell

Throughout the weekend we ran a campaign called We Are All Artists which allowed people to submit their own artwork for it to be shown in Tate. I did manage to see my painting shown but was not fast enough to get a picture of it. I saw some fascinating works that made me aware of the many talents out there, we truly are ALL artists. The Susan Stockwell installation grew with the help of the mass public. She recorded a time lapse video of the whole piece; I can not wait to see it! I made a few boats myself and placed them around others.

I could go on lots more about the festival but I think pictures and videos share a better story. Look out for more pictures from the weekend on the Tate Collective Tumblr and keep an eye open for more events from us, there will be more!

Raymond, Tate Collective