John Martin’s Underworld is an interactive story told through Twitter which began on 4 November. Previously in John Martin’s Underworld

The story from this week…

Elena’s time was running out. She found new reserves of strength and with her followers’ help she surged forward, toward the centre of the Underworld London storm - which was Tate Britain. She was held back by angels from the Plains of Heaven who wanted her to stay. She used the dragon teeth from her first battle to grow an army which allowed her to escape.

She entered the building and everything went black.

She awoke in a phone booth. Overjoyed to see people, cars and blue sky, she called her sister to find out what had happened. Expecting hysterics, she was surprised to find that her sister wasn’t worried about her at all. ‘John’s been looking after you,’ she said. And the gallery staff all seem to know her. She asked a member of staff and was surprised to hear that she’d been in the gallery every day for over a month, staring at the paintings. Her friends report that she’s been texting them as usual, going on about some new boy friend called John… she’s not sure what to believe, but she’s feeling inspired, and has gone to buy some paints.

Many thanks to everyone who got involved with this story. You might still be wondering why she was sent to Lewisham and had to work her way back up to Millbank, perhaps this will give you a clue.