Gauguin said in one of his many wonderful letters:

Painting is the most most beautiful of all all the arts. In a single glance our souls can be flooded with the most profound reflections. To judge a painting you need… special feelings which are not in everyone’s nature. In a word you must be born an artist. And though many are called, few are chosen.

My colleagues in Tate Media have made this film especially for the Gauguin exhibition, which includes locations known to Gauguin and extracts from letters. Tell us what you think of this film - especially if you have seen the exhibition too. 


Amanda J

Love the film. I went and saw the exhibition the first weekend it opened. I really enjoyed it, so much so, I watched the show they had on the BBC around that time and read Moon & Sixpence which was based on Gauguin's life.


A compelling video that captures the turmoil and perseverance of a great artist. The imagery of the open field is symbolic.

Jina Wallwork

The words of Gauguin show his intense passion for his art. It is an inspiring video for an artist. Through understanding his struggle and sacrifices, it prompts the realization that all artists face a difficult journey and we all make the attempt regardless.

A. C-M

I find this man fascinating...his life, his multi-faceted talents. Just back from his exhibition at the Tate....can't get enough! A true, artist that lived through both pain and pleasure.( must read Moon and Sixpence..)

Eva Meininger

A beautiful video. I enjoyed watching some of his works together with the words of his letters and I liked the nature in the video. The red and yellow of the Breton works we find again years later in his Tahitian pictures. A tree divides the picture with the angel and also the reclining Tahitian women in two triangles. I liked this exhibition not long after the one about Van Gogh. Their friendship seen from both sides and their difficulties- both artists so egocentric and enthusiastic about their artistic creation.