We've come up with a little quiz to test your knowledge of the world's most famous art school

How Bauhaus are you? Title

Note your choice and click to the answers to check how you scored.

1. How would you describe your work-life balance?

a. Very poor. I rarely go to work
b. A perfect tight-rope walk. Then I go home for dinner
c. I’ve got the work part nailed, the life part, not so much

2. You’re decorating the lounge in a stylish scheme of primary colours (work with us here). Which colour do you pick for the clock?

a. Red
b. Yellow
c. Blue

3. You’re throwing a birthday party! Which font do you pick for the invitations?

Font A

Come to my party Bauhaus

font B

Come to my party Bauhaus BLOG

Font C

Come to my party Bauhaus BLOG

4. How do you feel about your national flag?

a. Pretty good. I sleep wrapped in it
b. It’s fine – but only at football matches
c. Pigeon-holed. We’re all just people, aren’t we?

5. You’re shopping for a new shirt. Which pattern appeals most?

a. Checks
b. Polka dots
c. I hate patterns

6. You inherit your grandpa’s old bike – but it’s beyond repair. What do you do with it?

a. Scrap it. No point being sentimental about these things
b. Fashion some kind of plinth in the garden and display it as a monument to him
c. Take it apart and put it back together as a chair

7. You’re tasked with creating a ‘total artwork’. What do you do?

a. Cover a canvas in toothpaste, and then petrol
b. Build a very big house
c. Make a powerful portrait of you and your pets

8. Your friend gives you a free trial to her gym. You:

a. Try a zumba class and claim it’s your last, saying: ‘I’m just not co-ordinated’
b. Shun it in favour of the exercise you do every morning
c. Ask her what a gym is

9. Which maxim do you live your life by?

a. Work hard, play hard
b. Less is more
c. To infinity, and beyond

10. What’s your favourite skyline in the world?

a. The snow-capped mountains of the Alps
b. The old-meets-new panorama of Kuala Lumpur
c. It’s gotta be New York, New York baby

Congratulations, you’ve finished!

Thanks for taking our quiz, now check out the answers to see just how Bauhaus you are.