Emma Pickard and Steph Fox from Tate Enterprises present their Christmas gift guides - for everyone in your life!

Christmas means many things to many people – and high on that list are PRESENTS. Presents to give, receive, love, share, smile over,  and most crucially … buy!

Now before you start to panic, if you haven’t bought anything for anyone on your list yet, Tate Online Shop has already looked those difficult present buying moments straight in the eyes, made indecision and gift-anxiety back down and is now here to offer you the solutions to all your dilemmas. Let us set you free to enjoy more mince pies, mulled wine and morning hangovers by joining us in the Tate’s 12 days of Christmas, when we give you our top gift ideas for everyone you know. And to make it even easier, we have free delivery on all orders for a limited time only. 

Day 1 – For Him

50% of the population are male, so it is always good to have a selection of gift ideas at the ready!

Here are our top picks from our full range of gifts for him:

Day 2  For Her

Our top three emergency solutions, as women apparently make up the other 50% of the population.


Grayson Perry Scarf
Grayson Perry Scarf £67.50

Day 3  For your Boyfriend

You’re fed-up with his tatty man-bag, his shivering and worst of all his lack of ability to plan ahead. We are so on it. Gifts for him for you.

Day 4  For your Girlfriend

Ok, I admit it, this is what I would like … and somehow I have to make sure that my nearest and dearest get to see this, accidentally of course! 

Day 5  Secret Santa

So in the lottery of work present-giving, you were somehow randomly selected to buy the Secret Santa gift for your boss! How do you impress on a restricted budget?  

Day 6  Your Mum

It’s the time of year when your Mum claims that she doesn’t need anything, again. Completely ignore her, she doesn’t mean it and the truth is, she deserves spoiling more than anyone.

Membership image - Be a Part of Tate
Tate Membership, from £60 a year

Day 7  Your Dad

Today we have the traditional biggest challenge of all, the University Challenge of present searching. Not any more. Piece of cake.

Day 8 – Stocking fillers

You have your Christmas stocking, some walnuts, wrapping paper and your tangerine. Now, all you need are the pressies.

Day 9 - For Kids

Some beautiful things to inspire and excite them.

Day 10 - For teens

Guaranteed to bring a smile to the all their faces, that is if you don’t keep them for yourself – super cool!

Glow brick
Glow brick £25.00
Hide and Seek book

Day 11 - for the artist within 

We all have a creative side, but sometimes it needs a bit of encouragement to get out there. If your nearest and dearest aren’t quite ready to send out their artwork, then we have some top tips on how to be an artist. If that is still too much, then just let them feel like an artist with the Ally Capellino bag!

Day 12  last day to order!

Today is the last day for Tate’s top gift suggestions and the last day to order to order from us for Christmas UK delivery. So get your fingers tapping on your keyboard before noon today, it is now or never, and why not treat someone to a beautiful reproduction vintage Tate poster. Reproduced from our archives, these high quality prints showcase the gallery’s unique history and are available exclusively from Tate online shop. Here are three of our best-selling classic posters. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Three vintage posters from previous exhibitions at Tate
Three vintage posters reproductions from left to right:
Hockney Daschund – £25.00
Modern Italian – £25.00
Caulfield – £25.00