In the second of his films on the art of watercolour painting, Mike Chaplin explores how to create both drama and subtlety on paper.

His study of tone starts at the current Watercolour exhibition at Tate Britain with Turner’s Blue Rigi, Sunrise.

Alison Smith is lead curator of Watercolour and Curator (Head of British Art to 1900), Tate Britain. Watercolour is at Tate Britain until 21 August.


Dianne Mendoza

I loved the watercolour exhibition. It was so thoughtfully put together, and the audio commentary made it even more interesting. Some of the paintings were breathtaking, such as Turner's Blue Rigi. I paint, and my first love is watercolour - which is so difficult - and I found the technique exhibits fascinating. I am thrilled to see so many modern artist using this medium in so many different ways. Watercolour painting is usually seen as 'fuddy duddy' and amateurish, so it is exciting to see it taken so seriously and I am very encouraged to use the paint more daringly. Thank you for yet another wonderful exhibition at The Tate.