Alison Smith is lead curator of Watercolour and Curator (Head of British Art to 1900), Tate Britain.


andreas maier

A wonderful show with remarkable works of so many centuries. What I found especially thrilling was how the technique of using watercolour is being explained. It makes it even more interesting to look at the paintings. Thanks a lot for the very good work! Andreas


I enjoyed most of the exhibition very much but like others, felt the last room was a mis-use of a space that could have allowed the display of more watercolours. It was an ill conceived way of ending the exhibition. Instead of being left with images of some of the wonderful art work I'd seen, I left feeling cheated and whatever point was being made was lost on me. on the positive side, I was interested to see the range of forms watercolour painting has taken and for me the 'war' themed room was a highlight because it was unexpected and took me beyond previous assumptions about the medium.


A thorough exhibition. Very informative and comprehensive.I enjoyed the Burra-----the Landscape especially, I had n't seen that since the 1970's when I had the priviledge of seeing it in a framing shop waiting to be framed. I had often wondered what had happened to it. Its a brilliant medium and your curation shows its versatility.