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Tate Modern

As the second part of our call for your favourite memories of Tate Modern we’re really pleased to have teamed up with the photo-sharing website Flickr. To celebrate Tate Modern’s tenth birthday, we’d love you to share your ten best photos (or short videos) of Tate Modern from the last ten years in our new 10 Years of Tate Modern group on Flickr. We’re planning a short film that tells the stories about and within Tate Modern. Some of the images posted to the group before 16 April 2010 may be selected to be included in this film, which will be screened in the gallery and available to view on the Tate Channel. The 10 Years of Tate Modern group on Flickr is for your photos and videos of the building or the Turbine Hall over the last ten years. The director of the film will be looking over the group and any images submitted before 16 April will be considered for inclusion in the film. We’d love to see:

  • Photos of the building through the seasons
  • Photos of your experiences in the Turbine Hall
  • Videos of your journey to Tate Modern

Adding things to the group is simple and you can find out all about it on the Flickr group page. New in the group: All the submissions to the group can be seen over in the Flickr group pool If there’s a really great story attached to your image please also tell us it in the comments.



My congratulations for Tate Modern tenth birthday. I have enjoyed my visits to this expectacular art gallery in 2000 and 2001. I knew about Louise Bourguois but I was shoked when a I saw her exhibitions at Tate Modern on May 2000. Later I saw her works in Havana, but this first time at Tate is today unforgetable


My strongest recollection was bringing my then six-year-old son to see Olafur Eliasson's Weather Project. Amazing to think that was back in February 2004. We started off our day out by climbing up St Paul's Cathedral, then crossed the Millennium Bridge, and then entered the Great Turbine Hall. We were both spellbound by the huge sun, and the atmosphere it created.

After such a day I wonder if he thought, at the age of six, that all architecture and art was on such a grand scale?!


Hi Stephen

This is a non-commercial project - we're really hoping that people will enjoy sharing their images and memories of the last ten years of Tate Modern with us and with others.

The film will be a showcase of people's experiences in and of Tate Modern and we'd love that to include their images as well as their voices.



will there be a memorial to the young man that was worked to death in your restaurant? Are you working on employees rights yet , or still sacking all staff that try to unionise


will you be paying contributors for their work?

Margaret Sharrow

Hello, I really enjoyed posting & seeing photos of Tate for the big 10th birthday.

Yesterday I realised too late that I had a photo of Miroslaw Balka's 'This Is How It Is' (from the outside). It is at if you would like to use it. I have already signed the release forms for this project. Best wishes Margaret Sharrow