Still image of After Post-Colonialism: Transnationalism or Essentialism? - 7 parts

What are the implications of regional narratives of contemporary art in a global context? Do they reflect a new approach to ‘multiple modernities’ or are they another form of essentialism?

This panel brings together artists, a philosopher and curators to discuss if this approach contradicts the move towards the integration of other histories in the larger narrative of the museum and the art-historical canon.

Part One: Introductions and outline by Gabriela Salgado (Curator of Public Programmes, Tate Modern) and Paul Goodwin (Curator of Cross-Cultural Programmes, Tate Britain)

Part Two: Professor Achille Mbembe

Part Three: Kader Attia

Part Four: Kiluanji Kia Henda

Part Five: A Conversation between Paul Goodwin and Zak Ove

Part Six: Angela Ferreira

Part Seven: Final Discussion with all speakers, Gabriela Salgado and Paul Goodwin