To coincide with the recent installation of her work Projection 2008, Andrea Fraser joins us for a conversation about her multi-disciplinary practice with the director of Tate Modern, Chris Dercon



Since the mid-1980s, Andrea Fraser has investigated many aspects of the field of art, often focusing on social, institutional and economic structures and relationships through performance and film. Her work often seeks to expose the structural biases, social prejudices and economic underpinnings of cultural institutions. Fraser’s conceptually rigorous practice has been consistently innovative and exploratory and has been followed by Tate’s curators with interest for many years.


Chris Dercon mentions that he chose two of Andrea Fraser's pieces as the "most important artworks of the past 10 years". He says "they asked me" and mentions Berlin. Does anyone know what he is referring to here? Is it an interview he did? A book? An article? Can't find it anywhere! Thanks

Hi, does anyone know where the quotation by Jeff Wall in reference to the "grotesque" is from? Is this a text, or an interview?