This performance is not LIVE, it has already taken place.



A second chance to watch Nicoline van Harskamp’s performance of English Forecast captured live Thursday, 19 September, 2013 at Tate Modern

In a new series of works, Nicoline van Harskamp addresses the function and power of the spoken word. Given the English language’s re-deployment as the world’s most used cross-border language, the artist appeals to emancipate it from its roots in the British and American empires, and from professional jargon.

Van Harskamp writes the scripts for her video and performance pieces, using footage of public presentations and debates, records of conversational writing and other available or generated material. In most of these works, actors employ countless variations of non-native English. The native speaker may disappear and a language of non-standards may emerge, the expressive abundance of which will be well worth exploring.

Nicoline van Harskamp lives and works in Amsterdam, where she is a head lecturer at the Sandberg Fine Arts Institute.