Capital is a project for Tate Modern by artists Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska. It unfolds as a series of encounters between two iconic institutions, Tate and the Bank of England, and the economies they animate.



The project is inaugurated with the issue of a gift - a limited edition print, distributed at Tate Modern and the Bank of England Museum, with an accompanying book published by Tate. The project also includes a series of seminars. The second of these seminars looked at the concept of economy. The financial economy is taken to be the most real thing we have. It is often seen as the measure and test of reality: ‘it’s the economy, stupid’. But what of symbolic economies? Speakers * Jean Joseph Goux (French Studies, Rice University, USA) * Scott Wilson (Institute for Culture Research, Lancaster University) * Chair: Paul Hirst (Academic Director, London Consortium)