Still image of Contemporary Art in the Middle East - 5 parts

A two-day symposium bringing together artists, curators and writers to discuss recent developments in art from the region, with key questions including: How do we define the Middle East? How do differing interpretations of recent art from the region and its diaspora influence the way it is understood both at home and abroad? How have ideas about tradition and modernity emerged in art practice? And what is the impact of new and emerging contemporary art spaces?

These questions form the basis of four sessions, chaired by Derek Gregory (Professor of Geography, University of British Colombia, Vancouver) Mourid Barghouti (poet and author, I Saw Ramallah), Salah Hassan (professor, Art History, Cornell University) and Shumon Basar (curator, architect and author of Cities from Zero).

The fifth session is dedicated to presentations by curators and artists reflecting on recent exhibitions and curatorial practice.