The third interview in the new Talking Art series is artist Joep van Lieshout, founder of Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) a team of creatives based in Rotterdam, in conversation with critic Marcus Verhagen.



The work produced by the AVL community varies from sculptures and furniture, bathrooms and mobile home units to complete architectural refurbishments. AVL is particularly renowned for its socially-engaged practice which extends to the fabrication of art works that promote a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle, ‘art to live with, live in and to live by’. In 2001, Atelier Van Lieshout realised AVL-Ville, a ‘free state’ in the port of Rotterdam, the biggest work of art by Atelier van Lieshout to date. This free state is a mix of art environment and sanctuary, full of well-known and new works by AVL, with the added attraction that everything is fully operational. AVL has recently located its first AVL-Ville export product in Park Middelheim in Antwerp: the AVL Franchise Unit. In collaboration with Art Monthly