Unmissable Matisse show at Tate Modern



Henri Matisse is a giant of modern art. This landmark show explores the final chapter in his career in which he began ‘carving into colour’ and his series of spectacular cut-outs was born.  A once-in-a-lifetime chance to see so many of the artist’s works in one place and discover Matisse’s final artistic triumph.

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This excellently curated show gathers so much of the latter years of Matisse's work in his cut outs , where we can marvel at his mastery of colour, form, and juxtaposition. Famous works like "blue nude "and "snail " reveal the 80 year old artists mind in brilliant unfettered mood; predicting abstraction and the expressions of the later 1950s. As he asked himself - why did he not discover the technique earlier in his career ? This show is a must.