A major international conference at Tate Modern (18–20 November 2015) focused on the intersection of media art and technological change over time. How is this shifting the way museums operate and how conservation works?

Following the format of the highly successful Object in Transition conference in 2008 this event will explore – through papers, panel discussions, demonstrations and dialogues – how the field is adapting and responding to these new forms of artistic practice, and how emerging modes of collaboration between artists, conservators, art historians, technical experts and curators can help advance the field.

Media in Transition | Part 01: Introduction

Conference welcome and introductions and keynote talks by artists Runa Islam and Hito Steyerl

Conference welcome addresses by Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate and Jeanne Marie Teutonico, Deputy Director, Getty Conservation Institute; and an introduction by Pip Laurenson, Head of Collection Care Research, Tate.

Artists Runa Islam and Hito Steyerl present key note talks which are followed by a discussion chaired by Andrea Lissoni, Curator of International Art, Tate. 

Media in Transition | Part 02: Julia Scher – Predictive Engineering

Predictive Engineering by Julia Scher: A Case Study from the Artist Initiative, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

With presentations from Robin Clark (Director, Artist Initiative, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art); Rudolf Frieling (Curator of Media Arts, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art); Martina Haidvogl (Associate Media Conservator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art); and Julia Scher (Artist).

Media in Transition | Part 03: Restaging Real-time – David Lamelas

 Restaging Real‐time: Considering the Reconstruction and Reinterpretation of the Office of Information about the Vietnam War at Three Levels: The Visual Image, Text, Audio 1968 by David Lamelas

With presentations from Stuart Comer (Chief Curator, Department of Media and Performance Art, The Museum of Modern Art, New York); David Lamelas (artist); and Kate Lewis (Media Conservator at The Museum of Modern Art, New York).

Media in Transition | Part 04: Monica Marchesi – Through Another Frame

Monica Marchesi: Through Another Frame: The Myth of Reproduction in Contemporary Photographic Conservation

Introduction to the afternon session by Jill Sterrett, Director of Collections at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art followed by a presentation by Monica Marchesi (Conservator, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam).

Media in Transition | Part 05: Francesca Esmay & Jeffrey Weiss – Facture and Facsimile

Facture and Facsimile: Bruce Nauman’s Spinning Spheres

With presentations from Francesca Esmay (Conservator, Panza Collection, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum), and Jeffrey Weiss (Senior Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum).

Media in Transition | Part 06: Barry Smith – Director, Centre for the Senses

Presentation by Barry Smith (Director, Centre for the Senses, Institute of Philosophy, University of London)

Media in Transition | Part 07: Day 1 – Reflections

Reflections by Jill Sterrett and Barry Smith

Jill Sterrett, Director of Collections at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Barry Smith, Director, Centre for the Senses, Institute of Philosophy, University of London reflect on the day’s themes and conversations

Media in Transition | Part 08: Christine Frohnert – No Medium No Message?

Christine Frohnert: No Medium No Message? A Tale of Techno‐cultural Dependency

A presentation by Christine Frohnert (Conservator of Contemporary Art, bek&frohnert).

Media in Transition | Part 09: Hanna Hölling, Michael Mansfield and Sook‐Kyung Lee – Nam June Paik & Fluxus

Nam June Paik & Fluxus: Object, Archive, and Performance in Paik's Multimedia

With presentations from Hanna Hölling (Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Professor, Bard Graduate Centre, New York and Max Planck Institute for the History of Knowledge, Berlin), Michael Mansfield (Curator of Film and Media Arts, Smithsonian American Art Museum), and Sook‐Kyung Lee (Research Curator, Tate Research Centre: Asia‐Pacific, Tate).

Media in Transition | Part 10: Glenn Phillips, Solange Farkas, Lori Zippay and Jane DeBevoise – Global Networks, Local Models

Global Networks, Local Models: Building, Preserving, and Circulating Media Archives

With presentations from Glenn Phillips (Curator and Head of Modern & Contemporary Collections, Getty Research Institute), Solange Farkas (Director, Associação Cultural Videobrasil), Lori Zippay (Executive Director, Electronic Arts Intermix), and Jane DeBevoise (Chair, Board of Directors, Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong & New York).

Media in Transition | Part 11: Kira Perov in conversation with Matthew Gale and Pip Laurenson

Kira Perov (Executive Director, Bill Viola Studio) in conversation with Matthew Gale (Head of Displays, Tate Modern) and Pip Laurenson (Head of Collection Care Research, Tate).

Media in Transition | Part 12: Migrating Meaning: Contextual Claims and the Work Itself

Migrating Meaning: Contextual Claims and the Work Itself. Case studies from Tate’s History and Collection: Joseph Beuys, Gustav Metzger

With presentations from Jonah Westerman (Research Associate, Tate), and Andrew Wilson (Curator Modern & Contemporary Art & Archives, Tate).

Media in Transition | Part 13: Matthew Battles – The Capstone Session

Matthew Battles: The Capstone Session

The Capstone Session moderated by Matthew Battles, Associate Director of metaLAB (at) Harvard and a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.