Landy discusses his work and comprehensive responses to Tinguely’s constructive and destructive tendencies with Tate Liverpool curator Laurence Sillars.



Renowned British artist Michael Landy has co-curated the exhibition Joyous Machines: Michael Landy and Jean Tinguely, devoting special attention to Tinguely’s rarely examined early career, tracing the development of Tinguely's work from the late 1940s building up to his momentous Homage to New York. This, the most famous and influential of all ‘auto-destructive’ works of art, was a 27 ft high self-destroying mechanism that came to life for 27 minutes during a performance in the Sculpture Garden of the Museum of Modern Art, New York on 17 March 1960. This exciting exhibition focuses on the connection between Landy’s work and that of Tinguely (1925–1991), one of the most radical, inventive and subversive sculptors of the mid twentieth-century.