A male speaker standing in the auditorium at Tate Britain

Off the record - part 1

Introductions: The legacy of Audio Arts magazine in contemporary art

Off the record - part 2

Keynote: Jean Jean Wainwright Wainwright

The location of Audio Arts within conceptual art practice and it’s legacy in contemporary arts

Off the record - part 3

Panel discussion: Artists on Audio Arts, chaired by William Furlong

Liam Gillick, Michael Craig-Martin, Angela Bulloch

Off the record - part 4

The Voice

Introduction by Michael Archer

Off the record - part 5

The Voice

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Off the record - part 6

The Voice

Susan Philipsz

Off the record - part 7

The Voice

Mel Gooding

Off the record - part 8

Panel discussion: The Voice, chaired by Michael Archer

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Susan Philipsz, Mel Gooding

Off the record - part 9

Dissemination and Solution

Introduction, Zoe Irvine

Off the record - part 10

Technology and Dissemination

Georgina Borne

Off the record - part 11

Technology and Dissemination

Lucia Farinati

Off the record - part 12

Technology and Dissemination

Alison Foster and Jack Maynard

Off the record - part 13

Panel discussion: Technology and dissemination

Georgina Borne, Allison Foster and Jack Maynard, Lucia Farinati

Off the Record - Part 14

Closing remarks, Mel Gooding

Established by William Furlong in 1973, Audio Arts was an innovative sound magazine that has since become an invaluable archive of artists’ voices on their own work, a collection of sound art, as well as an important work of art in its own right. In 2004, Tate acquired the Audio Arts archive from Furlong. Marking the digitisation of the entire Audio Arts archive and its availability online, this international symposium looks at the legacy of four decades of Audio Arts on contemporary art. An international line up of artists, academics and archivists discuss the history and context of Audio Arts in relation to that of conceptual art, the role of the voice within art practice and oral histories, the use of technology and the dissemination of archives in relation to sound work.