In the fifth of the series which explores the condition of painting now.



Has our conception of history changed and with it ideas of modernity and social and cultural life? To coincide with the Max Beckmann exhibition this series exploring the condition of painting continues with a panel discussion chaired by writer, curator and artist Jon Thompson who works in Brussels and London. He was joined by three international exhibited painters: Los Angeles based Lari Pittman, Jorg Immendorf from Germany and from the UK Dexter Dalwood. Modern history painting has undergone transformations from its inauguration in Courbet’s realism, through the mythologizing of life in their times by Picasso and Max Beckmann to the representation of now and tomorrow in Richard Hamilton’s work. How can painted images speak of social experience and events now? Painting Present is a collaboration between Tate Modern and the MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design bringing to London major figures working in or on painting to explore contemporary issues around this media.