Fashion photographer Miles Aldridge creates a series of photographic prints inspired by Mark Gertler's painting Merry-Go-Round



To celebrate the opening of the new Tate Britain, Tate invited Fashion photographer Miles Aldridge to create a series of photographic prints, inspired by art.  Aldridge chose Mark Gertler’s painting Merry-Go-Round, from 1916, and in this film we follow his creative process as he re-imagines it through his lens. Painted at the height of the First World War, Gertler’s painting shows rigid figures, seemingly trapped on an endlessly revolving carousel. Gertler lived near London’s Hampstead Heath, and the image may relate to an annual fair held there for wounded soldiers.  Aldridge’s prints pick up the scorching colours and dreamlike quality of the original painting, whilst injecting a languorous sexuality to the scene.

Photographer – Miles Aldridge
Art Director – Tom Hingston
Stylist – Cathy Edwards at Streeters
Set Design – Anna Burns at D+V
Hair Stylist – Sebastian Richard at Jedroot
Make-up Artist – Alice Ghendrih at Artlist
Manicurist – Shreen Gayle at Premier Hair and Makeup
Producer – Kenny Burns at D+V Talent, Emily Smith at Elite, Rob Evans at Storm, Amaury van Limbergen at Elite, Nathan Oliver at Bruce and Brown.

With thanks to Spring Studios, D+V Management and Tapestry for their support with the project.

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